Sartre's No Exit debuts May 15th

21 February 2018

The Kazán István Chamber Theater is proud to present Sartre's "No Exit" drama. Public rehearsal is held at the Fészek Art Club in Budapest on May 15, 19:00.

In the infinite purgatory of indictment, the characters seek the cause of their own perversity: the three heroes of the play have died. The Hell is a room that cannot be opened from the inside and makes these three characters meet each other. They are confronted with their terrible past, with their sins committed, their never-ending punishment, and the fact that they have to stay there forever.

Three dead people explore their terrible offenses, seek the meaning of their lives, and despite they lie first, but confess their sins later.

They have to face the endless punishment they are waiting for: the cowardly and egoist Garcin (Péter Bács), the handsome and selfish Estelle (Henrietta Kálmán) and the great master of manipulation the lesbian Ines (Zsuzsanna Ripli) realize it is not an accident that three of them were all in hell.

These people are the distorted mirrors of each other and that makes this show an exciting adventure.

Public rehearsal: May 15, 2018 19:00
Plays: May 17, May 19th, 19:00
Location: Fészek Art Club
Tickets can be purchased on the spot (1073 Budapest, Kertész utca 36.)

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