The last day of November

30 November 2017

This morning when I woke up it was snowing and I just realized it was the last day of November. This feeling brought back some childhood memories. I always spent time sitting in our living room beside the Christmas tree staring out of the window, watching the snowfall, the big beautiful snowflakes, which completely enchanted me as the yellowish evening light of the streetlamps flickered over them. I could hardly wait until morning to go out and step into the virgin snow. I love the crunching sound under my feet, and even now, as a grown-up, I can smile as happily as a kid every winter.

Christmas has always had a special place in my heart. It has the magic of connecting people, friends and families - and that means everything in today's busy world.

When I was a tiny little girl, my Dad always took a walk with me or took me to my grandparents' place while they were decorating the pine tree with my Mom. Later that night, when they took me home, Santa Claus had already been there. When I became a little bit older and my sister was still small, she went for a walk with my father and I stayed at home decorating the tree.

I have always chosen Christmas tree decorations with great care. Their exact place on the tree is very important for me. I still keep this personal habit and my love for decorations alive. Just like my enthusiasm for handcrafts: I love to make presents myself, with my two hands, decorations, candles, etc., because I believe the real value of a gift lies in the amount of time and care spent making them. Unfortunately, I'm in trouble this year, because my right hand is in plaster, and nobody knows if it is taken off in time to allow me to finish my own hand-made gifts.

Most of you have surely written a letter at least once to Santa Claus about the gifts you would be delighted to have. I do not have memories of such a letter from my childhood, but this year I would ask him to give my grandfather and my Dad back to us. I'd have a lot to tell them.

Take care about each other as long as you can and not just during the holiday season, but every day of the year!

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